Cuddle Babies

Why the Loopi? 

Why would a mother of four children spend her time selling a baby carrier?

It is because of all the many things I have used over the years of raising my children, this baby carrier has been the easiest, quickest and most helpful of them all.

Basically, it's two loops of material that you swing over each shoulder to create a cross in which you hold the baby. It doesn't get easier!!! The loops are wide and distribute the weight. It's incredibly comfortable and baby feels a lot lighter!

the Loopix...

The Loopix even easier to put on!

You simply put it on like a T-shirt. It has the same benefits as the Loopi as far as comfort is concerned. It is even more elegant in look and it's just one piece. The only difference is, that baby cannot be carried on the back or sideways. 

I have been able to use the Loopi from day one - OK not really, day two, because I was in hospital on day one. People sometimes think that it might not be safe. If you feel that way read more here.(more info to come)

The other great thing about the Loopi is, that it is versatile. I have a preferred way of using the Loopi but I have used it in several different ways. You can carry your baby on your front with baby facing towards you or away from you. Baby can be on your side or even on your back if you have a friend to slot him/her in. You can carry your baby in the Loopi at least until he/she starts walking and longer (my daughter is 2 year and 4 mths old and I am still using it).

The Loopi is as simple to fold as a few pillow cases and comes with me everywhere I go; and it is never a bother or as cumbersome as some of the other carriers I've used. You don't need to tie knots, or fix buckles, there is nothing technical. This thing is so simple I have often thrown it on while holding my baby at the same time. Even in a moving bus!
It takes a little practice and you should be able to put it on sitting or standing while holding the baby. You won't need an extra hand.




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