I am so excited about this, that I simply need to share it with you.
So this is what someone wrote to me:
"Adel I just want to say thank you again for the loopi, Stu (partner) commented today that it is the best sling he see's anyone use and Zachary loves it so! I plug it to everyone and pass out your website. Hope you are all well, lotsa love x"

I had told another acquaintance of mine about the Loopi & the Loopix, but she really didn't care very much about it. After the birth of her 1st baby daughter she decided to buy a Baby Bjoern carrier. She lasted 2 months and was desperately looking for an alternative. I invited her to come over and try my slings. She walked away with a Loopix and a Loopi belt/sache for extra support. Now she is carrying her daughter comfortably for longer periods of time and is very very happy with her sling. Hurray!!!!

Unfortunately people tend to buy the things, that are familiar, much advertised but not necessarily the better product.
I wished more Mums & Dads knew about these amazing baby slings.  

My daughter Naomi is 1 year and 8 mths old and I still carry her every day in the sling when I pick up my son from school. I'll be sad when she grows out of it completely.

Thanks for reading!