Cuddle Babies

 An invaluable tool by Helen from Norwich                      

My Loopi sling was undoubtedly my best buy for my baby. During the early It was much easier to take him out in his sling rather than in a bulky buggy, which he did not like, as he was too far away from contact. The close design of the Loopi enabled him to snuggle in close to me and fall asleep. If ever he cannot sleep, I pop him in the Loopi for a quick walk (sometimes a quick clean of the house) and he invariably falls asleep; a very valuable tool indeed.weeks and months, it was an invaluable tool for keeping him calm and content. The 'forth trimester' stage meant that he did not want to be put down at all and without the Loopi I would not have been able to get on with basic tasks such as: shopping, washing up, laundry and cooking! Since he has grown, he loves being able to see everything as we go about our day and be within reach for kisses and coos, while he explores the world around him. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this sling to anyone and everyone. The design makes it easy to use by yourself without the need for someone else to help you put it on, or the baby in it. Nothing makes my little man feel more content! 

Best Sling  by Jenny from London

I bought this sling when my baby was 3 months old and I wish I had got it sooner!! I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to anyone!!! This ithe best sling I have used (I had previously used two other traditional slings from "Mammas and Pappas", which didn't give me anywhere near the support and convenience that this one does). I love, that it allows you to hold your baby close while still getting on with day to day jobs. It also gives amazing back support, which cannot always be found in other slings. Another big plus is that it is quick and easy to use which is great, especially                                                  when you are out and about!!!

Despite a C-Section  by Melanie from North London

I found the Loopi easy to use and easy to put on by myself. I had it from birth and was able to walk around the house with the baby still close to me ( even though I had a c-section). The fabric feels nice and soft. I also use it every day on the school run and put it in the glove compartment, so it's easy to store and take along with you on a trip. I would recommend it to others before buying anything else!

 The Loopi is great  by Amy from London

I am very happy with my Loopi.  The fabric is soft, comfy and stretchy and is very supportive for you and baby.  My baby girl suffers with reflux and it is important that she stays upright after feeds, so that all the wind pain in her tummy can come up. The Loopi is great to put her in after feeds, especially during the evening, enabling her to fall asleep comfortably and without pain. I would highly recommend!


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