Cuddle Babies

 11 Reasons Why

  1. The Loopi & Loopix are quick and easy to put on.
  2. Smart, simple & stylish!   
  3. Listening to your heartbeat, your baby will sleep better in noisy & crowded places than in a pushchair (this is not a guarantee, but it has been my experience) 
  4. You have your hands free, even when your baby wants to be held. When baby gets colic, sick or is crying. (I have cooked, baked, folded laundry, played with my other children, worked on the computer etc. while carrying my baby with me)
  5. They enable you to carry your baby in many different ways, depending on the length of your journey or the weight of your child. 
  6. Baby will feel safe with you, no matter the environment. Babies, who are carried regularly, do not develop fear of abandonment, they cry less and become independent earlier. Your baby will feel your warmth and feel cozy & snug.  
  7. They are light, easily folded and fit in a  bag.  
  8. With the Loopi & the Loopix you have more freedom to move in places where a pushchair is inaccessible, such as the beach or a hike in the mountains. 
  9. Great wherever you go, be it a shopping centre, a market place, school (picking up older siblings), the tube, bus, train, airport or any other crowded place you can always take your baby with you.  
  10. You can carry your baby in the Loopi or the Loopix from newborn until they are about 15kg. 
  11. They are made from cotton and are machine washable. 


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